Kate Middleton Hosting a Baby Shower for Meghan, But Not Nearly as Extravagant as You’d Expect


The British royal family is perhaps one of the most discussed in the media and, in the recent past, most of such discussion has revolved around a possible feud between the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan.

While there has not appeared any conclusive evidence to prove any problems between the royals, a recent news item should now put all such rumors to rest anyway.

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The media has been abuzz with pictures like this over the past many months, speculating that perhaps things are not very friendly between the two Duchesses.

As you all must already know, Meghan is due to deliver her first child sometime next month.

In February, she reportedly received an exquisite baby shower in NYC that cost the organizers somewhere around $200K. Now, there are reports that Kate Middleton has another baby shower planned sometime in March for the Duchess of Sussex.

Details of the Party

If you are thinking that it’s rather odd for an expecting royal to have a baby shower in New York City, one of such an extravagant nature, then you are right about the fact that it did perhaps break some royal protocols.

However, there are no reports of the Queen saying anything about it, and the fact that now Kate is hosting another shower for the Duchess, we think the royal family has accepted baby showers as part of its traditions.

But, the shower thrown by Kate won’t be as extravagant as her NYC party, that’s for sure. The event may not even be called a baby shower, considering the lack of experience the royal family has in throwing one.

However, having said that, we do expect the party to be decorated in the most spectacular manner provided that Kate decides to hire her parents, who run a business of providing party décor.

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Meghan was recently seen in NYC attending a baby shower thrown by her friends.

The royal family has a thing for organizing teas as well as luncheons whenever a celebration is in order, and if Kate is indeed planning a baby shower for Meghan, then it is very probable that this too would be an afternoon affair with some tea for the guests.

Most Likely Not a Traditional Baby Shower

The entire point of a baby shower is to give gifts to the mother-to-be which would help her in raising her child.

Usually, expecting mothers make a baby registry, which is essentially a list of all the things they need, in order to ensure that guests only give things which she truly needs. Guests then sign up for gifts they want to give, and that way the expecting mother gets most of what she needs to raise her child.

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The royal family obviously has more than enough to not need any baby shower gifts, which is probably why it never became a tradition in the royal household.

However, since Meghan is part of the royal family, a family which is not dependent on anyone and fully capable of affording anything that she would need to raise the royal baby, the concept of having a baby shower fails to offer any value to them, which is perhaps why they usually don’t have such an event.

We are not sure who would be in attendance at this event, but the world would definitely want to know if the Queen would grace the baby shower with her presence. It’s still too early to say anything, as even the event itself has yet to be confirmed by Kensington Palace officials.