Whisk your partner on a romantic trip based on their zodiac sign this Valentine’s Day

2023 is almost here, and so is the month of love. So, if you want to plan the perfect romantic getaway for your partner, here are some places you can take your loved one away, based on their zodiac. We guarantee, these will be the perfect Valentine’s Day ideas to plan your date!

Planning a date, no matter how well you know your partner, needs a lot of thought. Whether you’re meeting for the first time or you’ve been together for years, going on dates makes romance a lot more exciting than your usual phone conversations and video calls. And what makes dating exciting is being able to go away on trips together. You get to know your partner on a deeper level and get better acquainted with their habits and lifestyle.

Travelling not only helps you understand yourself better, but it also helps you bond better with your loved ones – often, your partner. You learn to deal with challenges and face tough situations together, and understand each other on a much deeper level before you decide to spend the rest of your lives together. And going on away-from-home dates only increases the excitement of meeting your significant other, doesn’t it? Especially around Valentine’s Day, when love is in the air, and places across the world come up with creative ideas to draw more couples in.

When it comes to love, it’s often your personality that attracts individuals towards you. The person that you are and the vibe you exude is what draws someone towards you. It’s evident in almost every aspect of your being, from your favourite movies to your food choices. And if there’s one way to look at and understand your (and your partner’s) likes and dislikes, it’s the zodiac signs. More often than not, you’ll find that your most dominant traits are reflective of your sunsign. So, whether you’re a believer or not, we feel that the zodiac is a great way to understand your partner’s personality and give them a surprise this Valentine’s Day, with a date idea or a dream proposal that is unique to their personality.

Whether it be a luxe romantic dinner or an adventure amidst the mountains, turn to your partner’s zodiac sign to plan the perfect romantic getaway for them, with these date ideas that will ensure you top their Valentine’s Day expectations by leaps and bounds!

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Aries are the first sign of the zodiac. Characteristic to them is their bold personality. Always up for an adventure, your Aries partner will surely enjoy roughing it up on your date, so taking them to the mountains for a fun activity will be a great date idea for you and your partner.

Head to McLeod Ganj and walk around the hills. From there, ascend higher up into the mountains as you  go on the Triund Trek. The trek is great for beginners, and advanced level trekkers will also enjoy the scenic views that you get from the top. Once there, pitch a tent and spend some time sipping on hot chai and eating noodles, as you soak in the mist-soaked mountain views and celebrate your love.

Image: Courtesy of Ayesha Parikh/Unsplash

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Those born into this sunsign are a bit more relaxed and calm. Taureans are known for their love for the finer things in life, so if your partner belongs to this zodiac, take this as a sign to whisk them away for a romantic vacation and dinner date by the water. The destination we suggest is Udaipur, where love flows through its lakes.

Udaipur is lit up with glimmering lights in the evenings, making it the perfect destination to spend Valentine’s Day at. Book a plush restaurant by the lake (there are ample five-star hotels with lake-view restaurants), request the desk to arrange a romantic candlelight dinner just for the two of you and watch as your partner’s eyes light up!

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Geminis are spontaneous and playful, which reflects in their personality, too. People born into this zodiac are inquisitive and curious by nature, and you’ll find them talking to people in any new place, to learn more and plan the best experiences. So, the perfect place to take your Gemini partner on a date is at an amusement park in Mumbai.

Mumbai and areas around the city are filled with these adventure spots, such as Adlabs Imagica and Snow World, to name a few. Your partner will love going on the different rides here, appeasing to their playful, child-like side. And the various restaurants and food stalls here will take care of their hunger cues!

Image: Courtesy of Mayuresh Kharwade/Unsplash

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Your Cancerian partner has this unique ability to take care of you like none other. The sunsign, which makes for a loyal, faithful partner, has a calming aura around them which makes you feel that nothing can go wrong as long as they are around. They are also big on relaxation, and love to chill.

So, if you’re planning a romantic getaway, take your partner to Goa, the state of love. Enjoy a fun sundowner by the beach or ask your hotel to arrange high tea by the beach, complete with glasses of prosecco and beautiful, fragrant roses.

Image: Courtesy of Ashutosh Saraswat/Unsplash

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Leos are just like their zodiac symbol – they exude royalty and command respect. Leos are also quite free-spirited, and won’t shy away from making grand gestures of love. They’re also quite passionate, which makes them great lovers. So, this Valentine’s Day, take them to the epitome of love in India, the Taj Mahal.

Spend the day in Agra, walking around Taj Mahal. To make it more romantic (and to avoid huge crowds), got there early in the morning. In the evening, opt for a romantic dinner with a view of the white-marbled Taj in the backdrop, as you celebrate your partner and give them the attention they deserve.

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The dominant traits of your true-blue Virgo partner will be their practical and logical nature. They are quite the planners, and make for someone you can rely on no matter your needs. When it comes to travel, Virgos love to do their research on the destination they are visiting, and love visiting destinations that will enrich their knowledge about various things.

So, celebrate the day of love by taking them on a Winery or Meadery tour. Several such places are located in and around Maharashtra, and offer curated tours with tastings, pairings and more. Some of the popular ones you can take a look at are Moonshine Meadery, Hill Zill Wines Pvt Ltd and Sula Vineyards, among others. Be sure to bring back bottles of their favourite tipples to enjoy on other dates, too!

Image: Courtesy of Tamara Malaniy/Unsplash

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Librans are quite balanced by nature. They are also quite on the artsy side, and you’ll never find them in mismatched outfits, unless that’s what’s fashionable. They’re also practical, but have an emotional side to them as well. So, if your partner is a Libran, take them to a place that is a blend of art, nature and culture.

Kochi is known for its art scene, with streets around Fort Kochi being artsy and edgy. Events such as the Kochi Muziris Biennale also put the city high on the art map, and a romantic getaway here will delight your partner like no other place. Oh, and Kochi’s natural surroundings, combined with delicious food and coffee, is just the icing on the cake!

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Passionate, romantic and intense, Scorpios understand love like no other sunsign does. Scorpios are also wise, but tend to be misunderstood often. People belonging to this sunsign make for great lovers, and they’ll never leave your side no matter the hardships. Being a water sign, they enjoy places that connect them with nature, and places near water will excite them, too.

So, take your Scorpio partner on a date to Ooty. The perfect blend of greenery and waterfalls, your partner will be in their comfort zone here, and will be at peace. This is not all – the destination will also ignite the romantic in them, so all your romantic dinners and walks through the woods will be filled with love and meaning.

Image Credit: Vivek Kumar/Unsplash

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Planning a romantic getaway for your Sagittarian partner will not really be a tough task. Why? Because this sunsign is a traveller by nature, so all your romantic plans will be fruitful no matter what! However, keep in mind that a Sagittarius is an intellectual being, and needs to visit places that quench their thirst for knowledge and adventure.

Take them river rafting in Rishikesh, where the hours of adventure will appease to the traveller in them. After you’re done, the yoga capital of the world will invite you with open arms for a meditation session and a relaxing spa, after which you can enjoy an indulgent meal as you look out to the mountains.

Image Credit: Ramon Bucard/Unsplash

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Capricorns also appreciate the finer things in life. This sign’s dominant traits are their calm and collectedness, and they like to be at peace wherever they are. So, be sure to keep these traits in mind when you plan a romantic date for your Cappie partner.

We suggest taking them stargazing high up in the mountains. Not only will it bring them closer to nature, it’ll also bring them a sense of calm, bringing their restless mind to ease. Also, the cool climes will give you the perfect excuse(s) to snuggle up to them, as they embrace your warm comfort like nothing else matters to them. A win-win for sure!

Image Credit: Ryunosuke Kikuno/Unsplash

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The second last sunsign is actually the last air sign, despite the term ‘aqua’ in their name. Aquarians are innovative and creative beings, and need to visit places that satiate their hunger for the offbeat things in life. So, an ideal place for them to visit will be a city that has art, architecture and some of the quirkiest museums for them to learn about new (and old) things.

We suggest taking your partner out on a museum tour in Delhi. From the Toilet Museum to the Museum of Dolls, National Rail Museum and Museum of Illusions, the city is filled with quirky, offbeat museums in addition to the National Museum, Crafts Museum and more. Art on streets such as Lodhi Art District and Art Deco buildings will add to the vibe. End the day with a romantic dinner at the city’s many romantic spots for the perfect Valentine’s Day.

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The last sign of the zodiac has traits from all other signs, making them dreamers and true romantics. Pisceans make for great lovers, thanks to their sensitivity and emotions. They are also extremely loyal partners. Pisceans dream big, and want to do all they can to make their dreams come true. So, the ideal date for them will be something that’s special, romantic, dreamy and creative, all in one.

Take them out for a romantic dinner and stay at the houseboats in Alleppey, Kerala. Being nature-lovers, this sign will love being this close to water, as the sun sets and lights create a dim glow on the water. If you’re planning to propose, this setting will make it all the more perfect.

Image Credit: Kunal Kalra/Unsplash