RISTORANTI & BAR “Il Beefbar” soon in Rome Italy

CONCEPT. https://www.beefbar.com/

Beefbar was conceived to break the traditional codes of rigid & high end cuisine.

The concept works on contrasts, of stated quality but unpretentious. The architectural lines and the menu include sensations found in modern luxury. With a casual atmosphere, the service is both precise & welcoming.

The customer no longer wants to have to choose between elegance and simplicity or to just have meat to satisfy their carnivorous desire. Now, they simply want to have a good time sharing and multiplying their culinary discoveries.

At Beefbar, the luxury is felt and enjoyed more than it’s shown.

Beefbar Concept - Fine meats restaurant
Beefbar Concept - Restaurant Architecure


To reflect the Beefbar commitment to its product, the Monegasque agency Humbert & Poyet was asked to create a design that would reflect the Beefbar kitchen inspiration: sharing, daring, freshness, purity & refinement in simplicity.

Lines blend with curves to define three spaces with proportional perspectives.

The lounge, perfect to share the street food, distinguishes itself from the restaurant with its warm and cosy atmosphere. The open kitchen is made with marble & slate. And the restaurant with marble, black wood & touches of amber


The menu which is based on simplicity and quality ingredients is divisible into 3 axes…

First, the street food to share. These small portions are a selection of the best recipes from the 4 corners of the world, made with the most exclusive products including pure Japanese Kobe beef.

Then, our great meats. Discover the best cuts & origins specially selected by Giraudi: Black Angus from Argentina & USA, Australian wagyu, Japanese Kobe… Beefbar developed its own patented method of cooking in order to achieve a crispy meat seal and tender juicy heart. To accompany each cut, over fifteen insane house purees cooked with butter with a selection of spices & condiments.

Finally, our incredible dishes include fresh and delicious fishes, risotto & pasta.

Beefbar Concept - Meats Dishes