A Photo Tribute to The Dhoni, The Maldivian Traditional Boat

The dhoni, the Maldivian traditional boat, is in our heart since the beginning of our Maldivian dreamy journey, started back in 1999. Here are some of our favorite photos. Maldivian traditional boat : the beautiful dhoni. photo © Sakis / Dreaming of Maldives Dhonis have a very special place in Continue Reading

A Maldives Photo Gallery of Paradise Beaches. 20 Dreamy Photos

A Maldives Photo Gallery of 20 dreamy beaches featuring a selection of our photos taken while traveling around the archipelago. A Maldives Photo Gallery of 20 dreamy beaches by Dreaming of Maldives Having explored the the Maldives islands for 2 decades and printed 3 photography books about the island nation, Continue Reading

10 Maldives Resorts with the Best Beaches You can Dream of

These resorts have some of the best Maldives beaches. Having put our feet in the sand of countless resort’s and island’s beaches around the archipelago, I invite you here to have a look at 10 of the best of them. A Maldives resort with a postcard-perfect beach. Best Maldives beaches Continue Reading