As legacy Twitter users continue waiting to see if Elon Musk’s platform strips their blue checkmarks, Jack Black weighs in on the social media company’s new policies, with a tentative stance on whether he’ll shell out a monthly fee to keep his verification status.

“I don’t know if I’m going to pay for it,” Black told Variety at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” on Saturday. “I’m a little embarrassed by the blue check to be honest with you. Maybe it’s cooler not to have checks. It’s definitely not cool to pay for it. I’m gonna see what happens if I don’t pay for it. I’m gonna call his bluff, see if he really takes my check away.”

He added with a laugh, “Then I’m going to hold a big press conference to bring attention to this weird injustice.”

According to Twitter’s plan, users will have to pay $8 each month to obtain a blue checkmark through a subscription to Twitter Blue.

“Mario Bros.” star Chris Pratt also weighed in on the controversial new policies. The actor has 8.6 million followers on Twitter.

“I don’t know,” Pratt answered when asked if he’ll pay to keep his checkmark on Twitter. “I care deeply about all of [my followers]. I’ll do whatever I have to do to stay a part of their lives because I respect their attention and I love to use it as an opportunity to talk to them when I’m doing movies and stuff.”

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Jack Black and Seth Rogen at the premiere of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” held at Regal L.A. Live on April 1, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. Gilbert Flores for Variety

Pratt said he wasn’t worried about how a lack of an identity verification process could lead to people pretending to be him on the platform. “Good luck,” he said sarcastically to potential imposters.

Pratt’s “Super Mario Bros.” co-star, Seth Rogen, who has 9.3 million followers on the platform, said he won’t subscribe to Twitter Blue: “I almost never use it.” In the last four months, Rogen tweeted only four times with posts dedicated to promoting his latest movies and a collaboration with Airbnb.

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