Dutch architectural watchmaker Michiel Holthinrichs has ventured into the world of the unknown with the PreLiminality. Through a sequence of watches, it tries to capture the fleeting moments of a catastrophic impact, transitioning from a past state to a future state yet to arrive. The second watch in the series, known as the Liminality, shows yet more destruction (or deconstruction if you will) in this transitional process. The Holthinrichs Liminality expresses the creative mind of Michiel and his team in a very captivating way.

Holthinrichs Watches Liminality 3

Currently consisting of two watches with a third likely to follow, Michiel explains the process of the Liminality series as a tribute to all who suffer, who are tormented yet decide to strive for a better tomorrow. The idea is to capture the reality of those feelings and also our desire for peace and harmony.

The Holthinrichs Liminality is housed in the same ornamental 3D printed steel case as most other watches from the Dutch atelier. (There’s 3D printed bronze, gold or platinum available as well). However, as this is the second piece marks the transitional stages of Liminality, it now comes in a completely RAW look. The idea is that you get a sense of the progress of the catastrophic impact that kick-started the series. It still measures 38mm across and a slim 9.9mm in height including the plexiglass crystal. The hollow sculpted lugs give it a sense of air and remove a touch of weight as well.

Holthinrichs Watches Liminality 8

Continuing the deconstructive theme of the series, the Liminality features a similarly styled dial yet with a few differences. It comes in a different colour for starters and lacks the broken Breguet-style numerals of the PreLiminality. This too has a set of diamonds scattered around the dial and offers a view of the balance wheel and anchor. The hands are faceted, heat-bronzed and finished by hand.

Holthinrichs Watches Liminality 7
The caseback, with personalization made for @ArabWatchGuide

The movement inside the Liminality is the same HW-LIM we’ve seen in the PreLiminality and is, of course, a heavily modified Peseux 7001 calibre with a deconstructed layout, flame-treated bridges and plates, anglage, blued screws, polished and brushed elements and the radiating grooves. This movement runs at a rate of 21,600vph and offers a power reserve of 42 hours. A sapphire insert in the 3D printed caseback protects it from the elements.

Holthinrichs Watches Liminality 2

Just like the PreLiminality, the Holthinrichs Liminality is a non-limited piece and made to order. Do take into account that the Holthinrichs team makes about 150 to 180 watches per year, so the lead time for a Liminality might be quite long depending on production capacity. It comes on a glossy Ostrich leg leather strap with a 3D printed buckle. It is priced at EUR 7,800 excluding taxes.

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Case: 38mm diameter x 9.9mm height (7.4mm without crystal) – 3D printed stainless steel case, with RAW finishing – hollowed lugs – 3D printed pull-out crown – domed Plexiglass crystal – 3D printed screw-in caseback with sapphire crystal and relief lettering – all 3D printed components completely finished by hand

Dial: deconstructed and flame-treated dial – crater-like hole over the balance wheel and anchor – radiating “shockwave” grooves – 14 diamonds scattered around the dial – stainless steel heat-bronzed hands with hollowed centre section – each dial is handmade and unique

Movement: calibre HW-LIM, Peseux 7001 base – hand-wound mechanical movement – hand-applied finishing including grooving, anglage and flame-treatment – flame-blued screws – polished ratchet wheel – sonnenschlief brushing on barrel-wheel – 23.3mm x 2.5mm – 21,600vph – 42h power reserve

Strap: glossy Ostrich leg leather strap with 3D printed steel pin buckle

Availability: non-limited edition, made to order

Price: EUR 7,800 excl. taxes

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