Here’s Why Brie Larson Was Hesitant about Playing Captain Marvel at First


Have you ever imagined being part of a giant of a franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Anyone who has been tapped to play a superhero by the brand would say yes in a heartbeat, after all, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to take your acting career to the next level and showcase the skills you can bring to the table, and also because the incredible storyline will undeniably translate to massive paychecks.

But for Brie Larson, who played the titular character in Captain Marvel, the offer was initially met with hesitation and uncertainty.


Brie starred in the 2019 superhero film as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and although she did justice to the role, many people had qualms about whether the actress was suited to the franchise. However, what people didn’t realize was that the role couldn’t probably have been played by another actress – at least not as well as Brie did.

But from the get-go, the star was unsure: but to what extent? Apparently, the Oscar winner was contacted by Marvel during the awards season campaign for her 2015 film Room, and right then and there, she was reluctant about meeting with officials.

Brie Larson was unsure about the Marvel offer

But why was this so? Brie is a self-proclaimed introvert – if you think about it, acting mostly tend to be a fit for the extroverted because of the countless promotions, marketing stints, endorsement deals and interviews they are exposed to.

However, there are cases when actors might seem extroverted and outgoing in front of the big screen, but are complete opposite behind the camera.


Now, you probably understand just why the 29-year-old had second thoughts about the offer. Knowing that the film was going to be a part of the MCU and is actually a superhero film, which is a hit nowadays, Brie feared of what was coming and if she could handle something as big a project as that.

In one interview, she admitted that the thought of seeing her face in giant billboards everywhere and on the internet scared her.

Let’s make it clear: the actress had no problems with the role. Brie decided to go through the meeting and wasn’t disappointed – after hearing the plot, she said it was the “culmination” of all the hard work she had put into her career, so refusing was definitely out of question.

Plus, she admired what Captain Marvel represented and, needless to say, she was excited to take on this new role which would eventually transform her career for the better.

Brie Larson starred in the 2015 thriller, Room

It is worth noting that Brie was already a superstar even before the Marvel opportunity came knocking on her door.

The actress had a repertoire of epic films under her belt, some of which include Kong: Island Skull, 21 Jump Street, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and perhaps the most notable, Room. No wonder the producers of the franchise were quick to notice her.

However, being a part of a humongous franchise is far from what she had done, Captain Marvel had a bigger budget for production and marketing.


Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot

Obviously, Brie still took the job despite the overwhelming marketing campaigns. In fact, she said she was glad that she accepted the role. However, things got a lot harder when naysayers started thinking that Captain Marvel as a woman is a desecration of the MCU.

But, given the success of Wonder Woman, which was written, starred in, and directed by women, there’s not a doubt that female-led superhero movies can be successful, too.