Cristian Marianciuc Presents Origami With a Contemporary Avant-Garde Twist


Proving to be as therapeutic as it is beautiful, the process of origami often demands one’s undivided attention, through silencing the buzz of everyday life and redirecting energy into being present.

Of the many amazing creations possible, delicate cranes, often alluded to in Chinese mythology and folklore as a symbol of Taoist immortals with magical abilities to transform, have seemingly become a popular choice of artistic expression – at least for Romanian, artisan Cristian Marianciuc, who began crafting a paper crane per day, following his return from Sydney where he studied Japanese culture.

What started as a challenge in accordance to the Japanese tradition of senbazuru: which states ‘he who folds 1,000 origami cranes is granted a wish’, quickly revolutionized into passion. Utilizing vibrant color schemes, intricate patterns, paper between 90 to 120g/sqm, and K26 fit grip knife with blade #11 from excel blades, Cristian Marianciuc presents the ancient art of paper folding with a contemporary avant-garde twist – embellishing each piece with feathers, pressed flowers and leaves, paint splatters, beads, stitches, and even a recognizable architecture balancing on all wings.


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