Beauty test drive: Radium’s Infini Plus Revival Program for acne scarring



Not even good makeup can hide skin surface irregularities caused by teenage acne and recent breakouts. Here’s a some-pain, all-gain solution to banish them forever.

Certainly the signs of ageing – fine lines, sagging, dullness – are already a problem unto themselves. Even if you were to take good care of your maturing skin now, old scarring and surface irregularities caused by teen and adult acne can really worsen your appearance. On a bad skin day, these vestiges of the past can come back to haunt you – your skin can look gnarly and uneven, with makeup not sitting properly. And I should know that, since I’ve been struggling with problem skin for decades.

Radium’s Infini Plus Revival Program (90 minutes; $4,788 for eight sessions) seems to be a good all-in-one solution  for someone like me. It combines four treatments into a targeted approach. The main therapy here is Infini, which is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses micro-needling and radiofrequency to release fibrous acne scar tissue deep in the dermis and encourage collagen reproduction to smooth out depressions. Next is PDRN Therapy, which involves injecting a drug comprising salmon DNA extracts to heal, repair and quell inflammation. Subcision treatment, for those who have deep pitted scars, may be administered with a special needle to break down stubborn scar tissue. The last step is LED Yellow Light, which speeds healing and improves circulation.

A truly successful treatment is only complete with good service. And I was grateful to be under the care of a good nurse and doctor at Radium for my four sessions there. Microneedling can be painful, and so the skin numbing and prep part needs to be well executed. My nurse really took her time to massage the numbing cream into my skin and gave me oral painkillers, which was one of the key reasons why the treatment was more tolerable than I thought.

Next comes the doctor. Although the clinic is helmed by the well-known Dr Siew Tuck Wah, I got assigned Dr Gan Lee Ping who is a medical consultant there. I was very glad that she was extremely thorough in examining my skin. She listened to my concerns and saw what I saw – the complaints I had of my skin, even those that would seem nitpicky to others (this is so important to me, as some doctors I’d seen in the past had felt the issues I pointed out were really minor).

Although the treatment experience involved some pain, it was made much more comfortable by Dr Gan’s bedside manners. Nerve blocking injections were needed for the more sensitive parts of the face, but she made it reassuring for me by counting down each injection. She also talked me through each step during the Infini microneedling process, whether it was moving on to a different part of the face or using adjusting the depth of the punctures.

For someone who has tried all kinds of medical aesthetics solutions for acne scarring, Infini gave me impressive, permanent results. I can barely see the rolling scars on my cheeks now, and with makeup, they are not easily discernible. The microneedles can reach depths of 0.5mm to 3.5mm, going far deeper than the 1.8mm depth of carbon dioxide skin resurfacing lasers, which I’d tried several times previously with middling results. I also had one session of subcision on the pitted scars on my temples, which became less noticeable.

What I really appreciate about this treatment is that it doesn’t just do one thing. Beyond scar removal, the nature of the wounding-and-healing process, along with the PDRN injections, also had great anti-ageing effects, such that my steadily maturing skin looked tighter, smoother and more lifted. Despite the treatment’s intensity, the downtime is minimal. Be prepared to go home red-faced and slightly puffy post-treatment, but for me, the side effects subsided within the next two days and were easily covered with foundation. Recovery also got quicker as I progressed through the sessions.

Radium Medical Aesthetics, 3 Temasek Boulevard, North Wing, Tower 2, #03-325/326 Suntec City Mall, 038983