Can’t start your day without a cup of coffee? We get you.

A warm mug of the beverage not only gives the much-needed boost for the day but also satiates hunger pangs when served as a dessert. All you need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream and freshly brewed espresso to create the incredible Italian dessert called affogato, and you’re good to go.

Most of you prepare or place an order for your favourite coffee without giving it a thought and have been consuming the same kind for many years. Have you ever wondered why you prefer a certain type of coffee?

Well, it’s similar to the saying that goes like “you are what you eat.” Only here, the coffee you choose for yourself says a lot about the person you are, your likes and dislikes and much more. And apparently, there have been many studies on the various facets of one’s personality based on the type of coffee one consumes.

A study published by People claims that “Cold coffee drinkers are more inclined to spend their time browsing Instagram (27%), while hot coffee drinkers are more active on Facebook (35%).”

The same study also puts forward that “those who prefer cold brew and iced coffee are more likely to prefer sunny weather (40%), binge-watch science-fiction shows (37%), and are more likely to be part of the Gen-Z crowd (40%).”

Another study sheds light on many crucial behavioural traits depending on your choice of coffee. How will you react under stress? Are you easy-going or prefer to control every minute detail? Are you impatient, or does being patient come naturally to you? Are you an introvert or extrovert, and how good a leader are you?

Therefore, whether you are a black coffee lover or a flat-white enthusiast, a seasoned barista can probably tell a lot about you just by looking at your choices of coffee. Intrigued?

Read on to find out about your coffee personality

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