The Future of Air Travel: United CleanPlus Initiates Healthier Travel Plan

United CleanPlus Airport Lobby Signage United Airlines recently introduced United CleanPlus: the company’s new commitment to putting health and safety at the forefront of the customer experience, with the goal of initiating a cleanliness revolution in the airline industry. United CleanPlus brings together the disinfectant brand, Clorox, and American medical experts Continue Reading

Where Did Air Italy’s Aircraft End Up?

In February 2020, Air Italy announced its liquidation and suspension of operations. At this time, it had amassed a sizeable enough fleet to become Italy’s second-largest airline behind flag carrier Alitalia. But what became of its aircraft after the airline folded? Air Italy’s largest aircraft were its Airbus A330s. Photo: Continue Reading

How Does A Ram Air Turbine Work?

Thousands of turbofan-powered airliners operate scheduled commercial flights every day. In the case of a loss of power, pilots can generally rely on a plane’s Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). However, aircraft manufacturers also need to mitigate for instances in which the APU also fails. For this purpose, aircraft are fitted Continue Reading